Mikaela Ruth Photography - redesign

Mikaela and I go way back. We are cousins after all. But even more than that, we are friends. And because Mikaela is an exceptional photographer, and I a graphic designer, we've been able to work together on a few projects the past couple years (including her wedding invitations!). I was able to help Mikaela create a website and blog for her newly created business last year, and since then, she's grown to be even more successful and has found her niche in the world of photography. And with that comes a need for change and a need to stand out as a photographer. Mikaela contacted me back in January expressing her desire to change things up a bit. She realized that after her first year, she was and wanted to focus more on weddings, and figured that her website and blog should reflect that. Of course I agreed! So after lots of brainstorming, sketching, back and forth emails, and a few late nights, we've come up with something that is more "Mikaela", as well as reflects the unique and ever-changing wedding industry, where personality and creativity are encouraged. Click on the images below and take a peek!


  1. you are so wonderful at what you do - i can't wait to see where your creativity takes you! bright future ahead! i'm forever grateful for all you've done :)

  2. I loooove the design you did for Mikaela! It's one of my favorites!! One day I'm going to beg you to redo my little old blog that has never had a facelift!


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