the day after

Apparently our Valentine's day was centered around food. But really, what's better than delicious take-out pizza and chocolate cake? Ok, the cards were nice, too (especially because they were free), and so were the chocolates from my mom. It would have been even nicer if the Jets had won, but a nice evening with my main squeeze (did I just say that?) was all I really needed. And the homemade paper heart valentine that I found on the table yesterday morning was a bonus. :)

Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day. What was your favourite part of the day?


  1. I had fun making heart cookies with Isaac and Sadie. And a v-day date with hubby is planned for Saturday - the plans are a secret from me. :)


  2. We are some what of grinches when it comes to v-day. Too many expectations and pressure from society. I secretly always hope for the amazingly-romantic-thoughtful evening perfectly planned out but it is never what I expect. Yesterday I worked until 7.30 meaning only home by 8.15. I got the usual "what's for supper text" and the response was a simple "I got it". I had decided earlier in the day to take my tips and get the ever so romantic meal of fired chicken and poutin! Expecting to come home to a husband who had just come home from working at the shop I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted with the dishes done, flowers on the table a clean bathroom and bedroom with bed made and all. Nothing extravagant but so thoughtful.

  3. Jaimee: I like that you made heart cookies with Isaac and Sadie!

    Raquel: I know what you mean about the expectations surrounding Valentine's Day. In the past I've always hoped (like you said) for some grand romantic evening. But usually the simplest things are the most special. A night in, for example! Just enjoying each others company. Way to go Darcy! You're right, it's thoughtfulness over extravagance.


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