February has been busy. And because of this I'm afraid I haven't found time to post much on here. But I've got some exciting projects in the works, which I hope to share with you in the coming months! For now, here are some photos to remind myself, and also show you what February has been like.

Maybe I should clarify - the top photos of us lying on a Costa Rican beach are not recent. We reminisced about our trip to Costa Rica, a year ago. Good memories. The next best thing to actually being there is looking at our photos!

the day after

Apparently our Valentine's day was centered around food. But really, what's better than delicious take-out pizza and chocolate cake? Ok, the cards were nice, too (especially because they were free), and so were the chocolates from my mom. It would have been even nicer if the Jets had won, but a nice evening with my main squeeze (did I just say that?) was all I really needed. And the homemade paper heart valentine that I found on the table yesterday morning was a bonus. :)

Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day. What was your favourite part of the day?

Valentine's Day Printables

Well, folks, Valentine's Day is only 5 days away! Here are some free printable cards to get you in the mood. Give one to your husband, your wife, your friend, your secret admirer, your co-worker, or even that friendly barista that serves you your daily coffee!

All you need is some nice card stock (in my case I used some sturdy watercolour paper), an inkjet printer, a bone folder (Optional but helps to fold cards. A credit card would work, too!), and lots of love.

Click here to download the file, and print away!

* Please keep in mind that these are for personal use only and the designs belong to me. Feel free to share the images, as long as credit is given where credit is due (ie. please link back to my blog!). 

love day & a free printable coming soon!

It's February, and that can only mean one thing (besides the gazillions of birthdays in our family): Valentine's Day! I've never been crazy about Valentine's Day. Sure, I like the chocolate, the flowers, the odd card, the excuse to go out on a date or stay inside and get cozy; but I've never been the decorate-your-house-in-red-and-pink kind of lady. But I'm thinking this year might be different when I see all these cute Valentine crafts!

DIY Brownie Bags! Perfect for your brownie-loving friend.

Crocheted Felt Heart Garland for all those crocheters out there.

DIY Ombre Sugar Hearts
Wrap your gifts all nice and pretty! Via Pinterest.
Charm your significant other with this Valentine's Day set-up! Via Pinterest.

And, if you're the type who doesn't do store-bought Valentine's cards, I've got a free printable Valentine's card coming soon! Keep your eyes peeled.